Provably Fair

Provably Fair

Often, online casino games raise concerns among gamblers. The most popular issues relate to trustworthiness of the casino and reliability of the games. In fact, these fears are not baseless. It’s really difficult to check the fairness of any game without access to the results of random number generators (RNGs). There are cases with rigged software, when online casinos change outcomes in their favor and customers are unable to reveal this.

With the rise of CSGO,Crypto gambling and blockchain-based casinos, gamblers all around the world can rest assured that the game outcomes are fair. Now, everybody can check the real results if the chosen casino supports cryptocurrency games. In a nutshell, it’s enough to compare hashed seeds before and after the roll. This concept is known as provably fair gambling which means that both players and casinos can see the results and be sure in their transparency.

How It Actually Works?
‘Provable fairness’ is a new approach in gambling that is based on encryption principles for high-end protection of data. It utilizes three main variables: a server seed, a client seed, and a nonce. A real money casino that is powered by blockchain-based system can create a unique hash seed and send it to a player that will then check the fairness using its own seed. Let’s look at this process in more detail.

How Cryptographic Hashing Is Used in Provably Fair Casinos?
Well, it’s important to agree on terms now. A server seed is an encrypted multi-digit sequence provided by the casino. A client seed is a similar number generated by the player. A nonce is a variable that starts with 0 or 1, and increases by 1 with each new bet. The process of a roll verification includes the following steps:

1- The casino creates a dedicated server seed for a given bet.
2- It hashes this number with SHA256 or other algorithm, and sends it to the player.
3- The player creates its client seed and makes his/her bet.
4- After the roll is complete, the player gets an unhashed version of the client seed.
5- The player inputs three variables to check the outcome.

To check the result, you have to generate HMAC. For example, with this Service, you can input your client seed followed by the nonce in the String line. Use ‘aclientseedname-0’ for the first bet and ‘aclientseedname-1’ for the second one if the numbers start with 0.

Then paste an unhashed server seed in the Secret Key field, and choose a hashing algorithm provided by the chosen casino. Press Compute HMAC to get a sequence. You need the first five characters. Enter them in the Convert line Here and press To Decimal. Finally, use any calculator or Google to solve this: theconvertednumber%(10000)/100.